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Random Favourites

Motherly TG
"I can't believe I'm stuck here at this god awful place..." sighed Clyde as he watched a group of 5 year olds run past him to The Maze. "Going to Chuck E. Cheeses with friends to play games with my friends is one thing, but I'm stuck here waiting for my friends to show up..."
Clyde looked over at the stage and saw a bunch of kids surrounding a table with balloons.
"Must be another stupid birthday party.." he thought as he got up to get some tokens. Clyde decided to play a few rounds of Skee-Ball to get his mind off of these kids.
"Excuse you have change for a five?" asked this girl who walked up.
"Uhh...yeah..." replied Clyde as he looked over and saw a young looking mother who couldn't be older then 24.
He gave her the five 1 dollar bills and he continued to play. As for the mother she just watched him and felt bad that he was all alone. She got the tokens and went back to the table to give some kids the coins.
"They should be here by now..." he said as he took a look at the c
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 343 112
Maternity Inc. - Mrs. Coles
I woke up in a strange room, it was completely white and I had no memory of who I was. My head was reeling and I was wearing only white briefs and a white v-neck.
“Welcome to Maternity Inc. subject. You have been chosen for a special procedure today. It is quite extraordinary and life changing experience! More will explained once the procedure is complete. Begin the procedure!”
I couldn’t even have time to react until the room turned red and a gas filled the room smelling like perfume. My body began to tingle and I felt weird.
I felt myself grow a few inches matching the height of a grown adult. Growing stretched out my body and I noticed I lost my muscle mass and body hair.
Everything felt so strange and there was nothing I could do. The room was dark from the change in color.
I felt my face bend and morph, I looked into the tile on the floor to see it resembled a woman in her 30’s. My hair turned dark brown and grew long to mid back.
I then felt my back curve
:iconthetgperson:TheTgPerson 68 16
I'm Turning Into My Mother
Bob Hayes was an average man who lived an average life. Well, actually, that's not quite true. Bob may have been an average man, but he most certainly did not lead an average life. Unless you consider a life of laziness to be average.
You see, Bob had never really had any motivation in life. From when he was a child, to when he graduated, to when he got an apartment, he just didn't feel the need to do anything to get something he wanted. That is, until Jessica Zand came along.
Bob was hanging out in a bar with his friends, when suddenly, she walked in. From the moment she stepped foot in the building, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. And why would he? She was gorgeous, beautiful beyond belief. For the first time in his life, Bob finally had motivation: to get in that girl's pants! Shallow, yes, but motivation nonetheless.
And his hard work – a result of the motivation – paid off. The two managed to hit it off, in more ways than one. Soon, after they'd been dating for alm
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 260 32
Dont mess with sis

Steven looked over at his sister Elisa 
she stood there in her white ballerina outfit ready to leave for training
''you look ridiculous Elisa'' Steven said in a teasing voice
She looked at him and rolled with her eyes
''This again ? you say that all the time get some new insults''
Steven just shrugged and poked her head
''cheer up, so anyway, just practice today or what?''
''yeah, practice only''
''But you should join me sometime''
''Join you ? yes, i would love to join your ballerina squad'' Steven said in a sarcastic voice
''Really ? thats great'' she giggled and walked over to steven and pokes his nose 
''let's go then but i guess you need to change first ? but i can help you!'' Elisa grinned and looked at him
the two of them stood in the living room as Elisa started to perform a dance for Steven
''what are you doing ?'' he asked looking at her
She said nothing back but kept on dancing
the more she danced the more transfixed
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 204 10
Sibling love

Andrew was your typical 8 year old, liking star wars and video games
But his sister Sarah was the complete opposite of him
She loves going shopping, fashion and what you might call typical girly stuff and complains that everything Andrew likes is childish despite him being 8
The problem is that as much as Sarah wants to spend time with Andrew she just cant get into the stuff he's so boring to her
But everytime she tries to spend time with Andrew, it just ends up the same way, he sits in his room playing his games while Sarah tries to talk to him
But she can't blame him, he is only 8 years old after all, he's behaving like a normal 8 year old....which i the problem
So Sarah does what every thoughtfull sister would do, she went looking for a cure for this situation
After alot of looking around online she finally found the one thing that might help their situation
A potion of something on ebay for only 25$ while it looked sketchy
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 104 9

Mac let out a sigh of annoyance as he walked trough the cold snow early in the morning
After a two week vacation going back to school sounded like the least he wanted to do but hey, you gotta do it
''hopefully they'll go easy on us today...being the first day after vacation and all'' mac said to himself as he reached the school
he sped up a bit and quickly got inside where it was a lot warmer, a couple of girls were standing right by the door chatting and some guys were standing outside for a smoke
Mac just shrugged to himself and walked over to the cafeteria and sat down and got out his phone
he checked for new emails, new status updates but since it was still kinda early nothing had really happened since he checked before he left home
''Hey Mac'' he heard a voice said and turned around and saw one of his classmates
a girl named Lauren, she had short black hair, glasses and was wearing a black top and some tight jeans and some black boo
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 47 4
Tunnel of change

I dont really believe in urban legends and the likes...i find the fascinating
Every town has one, its either a haunted house, some ghosts that is haunting a bridge or some crazy person living in that small hut in the forest
But one in particular caught my interest
They said in the first week of october, if you walk trough the tunnel not too far away from where i live after 12.00 but before 12.10
something will happen to you, something that is going to change your life
like i said, i dont really believe in legends but this one made me....want to try it out for some reason
My name is 23 years old, working as a cashier at the grocery store...i dont got alot going on, maybe that is why i decided to do it
So i decided i would do it tonight
I checked the time, it was 11.45
''okay...i guess i should get ready then'' i said grabbing my cell and my jacket as i head outside in the cold autumn night
I was all alone as i walked the empty str
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 55 6
That special call.

....This is Claire's phone answer, please leave a message
''Hey mom...its me...Joe....i know its been a while...i just...felt like it was time to call, you know what i have done to myself and i know you and dad said you never wanted anything more to do with me still your child, even if i am a woman and go by a different name now...can you please call me when you get the chance ? bye''
An hour later
''i dont know what to say dear...she...he called...Joe called''
The father just sighs 
''i dont know Claire, i dont know...what he did...i just dont know how to handle it if i saw him again''
''and you think i do ? he even sent a picture to my phone of him now''
''i dont know....he's still our child John...does his gender really matter ? honestly?''
''its not that...i dont care about that, its that he just left without telling then calls you three months later and its all changed''
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 37 16
A gift

A requested story
There exist a place...a rare place few have ever heard of 
it's the most exclusive rare place you can get invited to you
each ten year they do a lottery
they open up a page of all the humans in the world and pick one person
Then the leader and four others talk for one year deciding wheter to take that person in or not
if they all agree, the person just vanish 
This is the best thing in their life
A chance for a do over
A change...they got the technology to do anything
they dont have a name
But...they exsist
somewhere out there in the world...
i would know, i got picked this year...
I was just in my was a normal tuesday, i had gotten home from work 
i sat down in my chair turned on the TV and kept looking trough channels
when i found nothing to watch i got up to get a glass off water and charge my phone
but on my way back to the chair i dont know...i heard nothing
but in an instant someone
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 41 2
Readhead goddess

Daniel looked at the old gold mirror he had gotten out from his grandmother's attic
it look like a pretty old thing, it looked pretty expensive aswell but the mirror looked pretty bad since it barely shows his reflection
Daniel walks back downstairs and looks at his grandmother
''Hey grandma, i found this old mirror, it looks expensive but i think the mirror is damaged or dirty''
She looks at me then at the mirror
''thats a special mirror shows you your reflection''
I nodded slowly...she had gotten a bit weird in her later years so i didnt pay any attention to it
''clean it up and try taking a look'' she says coughing
''okay grandma..''
i hold the mirror in my hand as i walk over to the sink, get out some paper and pour some water of it and start cleaning it up
once im done cleaning i take another look at it and it looks pretty pristine
i guess it was just that dirty
i hold it up to my face and looks at my reflection but im k
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 31 6
Starting a family

The cold Autumn morning sent shivers trough Matt's spine as he went out to get his mail
the fog was laying heavily throughout the area making visibility kinda poor but it didn't matter that much
he picked up his mail and went back inside and sorted it out
commercials as usual he said with a sigh but he noticed something
a letter to him
he opened it up and read the letter to himself
''Hello and congratulations! you have been won a free tour of the Fecom facility, you and two other lucky winners will get a tour and a huge suprise at the end''
''But be quick, you have to be there by 12.00 on Tuesday or else you will forfeit your chance of a lifetime!''
''I hope you will come, Cynthia''
Matt read trough the letter again
'' must be today then...that's kinda sudden and 12.00...? that's in two hours...''
Matt read trough the letter a third time and checked the time
''i guess...i got nothing else to do but where is it?''
he got out his phone and
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 30 5
A moterly love

A mothers love.
I looked at my mother, was she serious ? 
‘’please ? its only for a day…..i need some moral support and have someone to talk to..’’ i sighed ‘’But mom, seriously, just say no ?.’’ she shook her head swiftly and looked at me dead serious ‘’i am not going to say no to this, its a huge event! i might get in touch with some celebrities’’ ‘’Whatever…this really mean that much to you ?’’ she nods at me ‘’it really does…my boss always throw this huge party in the summer and she knows alot of people…i just dont want to meet up alone…’’ i nodded at her ‘’That is so shallow mom but fine i’ll do it’’ ‘’You will ?! Awww! you are the best! thank you so much!’’’
i walked over to my mom, she then
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 60 4
Winter magic

PS! The change to first person in a certain part is supposed to happen ))
Ben stood up from his bed and looked carefully out the window of his room over to the neighboors
A new family had moved in next to them 
A mom and a dad and their daughter who Ben had immediatly gotten a crush on her depsite her being older than him
She was 22 years old and named grace, she had beautful blonde hair and the cutest smile Ben had ever seen in his entire life
Ben looked out his window over at the other house hoping to maybe spot Grace but was suprised as he felt a cold chill down his neck
he slowly turned around to see his sister Catherine standing there looking at him and let out a small sigh
''just talk to her stupid, its not like she is sitting at home waiting for you, if you want to talk to her, go over or are you to afraid?''
''shut....shut up, and im going to, its just...she's 22 and im just 16...and she is way out of my league''
''just talk
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 147 32
The restroom

Sometimes you just have to go
Sometimes you dont really read things or pay attention
Sometimes you make mistakes
Sometimes those mistakes are just minor ones
Sometimes they will change everything about you
Sometimes they are fatal
sometimes they are a blessing
I was out shopping actually
just buying a present for my sister
it was just a normal day
nothing was going on 
The mall was quiet as i arrived there quite early
most people were at work
On my way to the mall i brought with me a water bottle
it's not really a long way to the mall its just very hot outside 
but as i kept looking trough the stores i did find her a present
A necklace, a Skin lotion bundle and i got her a some money
it was nothing special but i had to get her something
So on my way home i was barely at the door as i could feel it
i had to go to the bathroom
i knew i couldn't hold it so i walked back into the mall and went for the restrooms
Not really paying atte
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 87 10
Embrace (TG, Race change, Age progression)

''Hey Erick, come here for a sec'' Marina said looking over at Erick who was eating his lunch
''what?'' Erick said breaking his eyes away from his food and over to Marina
''i just got something here you should check out, come!''
Erick let out a sigh of annoyance and walked over to her
Erick sat down next to her as Marina got out a small bracelet and showed it to Erick
''That's nice....what about it ?'' Erick asked not really interested in the plain old looking bracelet
Marina just giggled and spun it around on the table and looked over at Erick again
''its magic stupid, i got it over at that occult shop''
''So its a magic bracelet ? do you know how silly that sounds Marina? C'mon you're like 22 years old''
''like age has anything to do with what i believe in and it is magic i can prove it to you''
''okay, i'll let you prove it to me put it on and show me some magic then''
''Well...not here, lets go to outside i need to take a smoke anywa
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 164 18

Dear diary its the 28 november 2015 and i got something i want to tell you.
These past weeks have changing i have seen so much and done so many things but.... i guess i should write it down properly
when the plane arrived i exited it with a feeling of excitement, everything was new and so full of history
As i left the airport and took my taxi to the hotel i still felt like this wasnt real
i expected to wake up in my old bed at any moment but i never did
i got to the hotel, walked up to the reception and got my key and took the elevator to my floor
Room 717....i walked inside and laid down in my beed after exploring it 
it wasnt big or anything
it had a double sized bed, a balcony, an amazing view of the city and a bathtub and a one of those super modern japanese toilets
I woke up the next day and to my suprise there was a small gift next to me on the bed....
i picked it up and looked at the small note under it
''To Gabr
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 94 12

Breast, butt, or belly expansion? The three bloated B's. 

20 deviants said Juicy breasts
18 deviants said Come on Jenna, all three dummy!
11 deviants said Hella ass
9 deviants said Curvy tummy


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Breast, butt, or belly expansion? The three bloated B's.
20 deviants said Juicy breasts
18 deviants said Come on Jenna, all three dummy!
11 deviants said Hella ass
9 deviants said Curvy tummy



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Alright, so I saw this woman at the store the other day. I was walking in and when I saw her all I could do was look at her beauty. Now, I'm not gay, but I do think women are attractive. This woman though, she was pure perfection in the oddest form. She looked to be about 30 by her face, 20 by her body, and 40 by her hair. She had grayish white hair, but not old lady kind of hair, just a cute gray hair in a pixie cut. Her face was soft and inviting and she gave me a cute smile when she saw me checking her out. And her body, oh her body. She was smoking, I wish I could look half as good as her. She was fit. Very perky breasts and a round ass both hugged by a long skin tight dress. And cute heels to wrap it all up.
This is not one of my captions. This is a true story and I yearn to see her again.
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Hey everyone, just thought I'd share that I'm writing at least 4 captions tonight to be posted in the next few days. Posting at least 2 tonight. Let me know if you have a request. Any particular style or picture?
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