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Request | Kristin Kreuk tg by JennaAlley
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Game of Thrones on Valentine's day by JennaAlley
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Unconventional wish granting by JennaAlley
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Unconventional wish granting :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 34 3
Request| Jenna's School| Rachel Riley bodysuit by JennaAlley
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Request| Jenna's School| Rachel Riley bodysuit :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 44 1
The grind by JennaAlley
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The grind :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 81 4
The Harem by JennaAlley
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The Harem :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 96 2
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The fix :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 41 2
Pimped out by JennaAlley
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Pimped out :iconjennaalley:JennaAlley 71 8

Random Favourites

Mature content
Plan B: A TG Bodyswap Story :icontservo96:Tservo96 34 3
'The Body Builder' by SapphireFoxx 'The Body Builder' :iconsapphirefoxx:SapphireFoxx 690 76
A Night of Passion
In a country, in a city, in a house, in a bedroom, there is a couple about to make love to each other. Their names are Casper and Ashley. They have been dating for 3 months. Casper loves Ashley with all his heart, and Ashley loves him back. But Ashley has certain… interests that she hasn't told Casper about. Tonight he will find out what those interests are firsthand. Let's watch, shall we?
"You little-Hehe," says Casper. "Well... I'm here, you're here. What do you want to do?
"How about we do it? I have some new stuff I want to show you!" Ashley exclaims.
"Mmmmm, sounds interesting…"
"But you don't appear to be ready yet. Let me help you out."
Ashley pulls a duffel bag out of thin air, then reaches into it and pulls out a few things.
"Here, put on this thong, and I'll help apply your makeup."
"Thong? But... I will look bad in it."
"Put it on, bitch! You're mine now!" she shouts, followed by a giggle.
Casper strips down and puts on the thong.
"Good boy. No
:icontghawk555:tghawk555 75 23
The Curse
Walking into the school bathroom stall, Jane looked left and right for any potential traps. Waving her wand, she cast a spell to ward off any curses and hexes. Finally, she pulled down her pants, then her underwear and put her hands on her hips to make sure she wasn’t wearing anything. She grunted and pushed out poop that was caught between her butt and the toilet water by the diaper she was suddenly wearing.
Jane sighed. She didn’t even know why she still tried at this point. She had a curse on her that any time she pooped or peed, a diaper would magically appear around her waist and catch it, thus making her wet or mess a diaper. Worse, her entire outfit would morph and turn into something very babyish and she would be forced to talk like a baby until she got her diaper changed(she couldn’t do the changing herself). Right now it felt like just a t-shirt and diaper and pacifier in her mouth.
She had tried every counter curse she knew and every way around the curse fr
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 428 48
The Hypnotist
Ida didn’t know why she was so mean to her younger sister. Maybe it was partially that Kathy was just a year younger than her in high school, maybe it was that they were the only two kids in their house, but honestly at this point was more out of habit than anything else. She was always looking for ways to make Kathy’s life miserable.
Today Ida couldn’t believe her luck. Kathy had made the fatal mistake of leaving her door open and her computer unlocked. And right on her desktop was the mysterious program, SecretFile.hyp.
Kathy had spent hours each day working on the file, and Kathy never had worked on any homework assignment for more than fifteen minutes. Ida had to know what was up, and then delete it to teach her sister never to leave her computer open again.
“Should be interesting.” Ida said to herself, double clicking SecretFile. A spinning black spiral appeared on the screen. Ida frowned in confusion as she watched it spin around and around and aroun
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 325 26
Standing In His Mom's Shoes TG- standalone by TheTGGuy Standing In His Mom's Shoes TG- standalone :iconthetgguy:TheTGGuy 88 5 HOW COULD THOSE SISSY HYPNOS, BE SO EFFECTIIIIVE!? by VoidStrata HOW COULD THOSE SISSY HYPNOS, BE SO EFFECTIIIIVE!? :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 2,144 112 The Fairy by magicbra
Mature content
The Fairy :iconmagicbra:magicbra 148 7
TF Animation 2 by Nicksplosivez TF Animation 2 :iconnicksplosivez:Nicksplosivez 170 16 AP, Bimbo, Interactive TF by blackdragon65
Mature content
AP, Bimbo, Interactive TF :iconblackdragon65:blackdragon65 532 18
Girlfriend fantasy by magicbra
Mature content
Girlfriend fantasy :iconmagicbra:magicbra 224 18
The Magic Swimsuit by magicbra The Magic Swimsuit :iconmagicbra:magicbra 154 12 Kissy Elena Bookmark~ by Kobi-Tfs Kissy Elena Bookmark~ :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 190 18
The Missing Tights (TG, AR, AP)
“If your daddy objects to you taking ballet,” Miss Valerie told her young disciple, “I'll have to invite him to dance along with us.” It seemed that her plan was working. Mr. Sales pulled up outside the dance school just in time for tea. His thin face was creased and furrowed. He wore a sweater vest that showed no signs of wear or lint. Valerie understood why Alan was afraid of him.
Miss Valerie calmly poured the hot water when suddenly her assistant burst through the door. “Do we have any more tights?” Kimiko asked.
“Eleanor lost hers yesterday and doesn't have another pair.”
“Will her mom pay?”
“She hasn't paid for the last set.”
“Shit, that's the third girl today. Just give her some.”
“My, aren't we generous today, madam.”
“Shut the fuck up and teach the class.” She pushed past Kimiko and greeted Mr. Sales at the door. “Mr. Sales, it's so wonderful to
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 292 17
Spoiled Sibling (TG/AP)
    “It’s my turn to use the TV Brandon!”
    “Nuh-uh! You got to use it just before Alex came over! It’s my turn now!”
    “You lier! I was getting everything prepared! I had no time to be using the TV!”
    Alex watched the two brothers bicker back and forth. It wasn’t the first time that Michael had invited Alex over to his house, only to have the plan derailed due to arguments with his little brother. Unfortunately for Michael, Brandon usually ended up winning these arguments. Despite Michael being three years older and a head taller, Brandon had a secret weapon, being the baby of the family. He would whine to their parents, who would come in and protect their poor youngest son and rule in his favor.
    Speaking of which….
    “Would you two stop yelling!?” their mom screamed from upstairs.
:iconnothingimportant341:nothingimportant341 164 4
Adoption Option - TG
Adoption Option
Warning: This story contains TG, if you do not like this subject, then please save yourself the time and move on!
Otherwise, always enjoy!
"Yay~! Noah your here!" A tiny girl squealed happily, running up to the teenage boy and hugging him.
"Yeah! Maria, how are you?" Noah said with a grin at the cuteness of the little girl.
He was followed by his longtime friend, Liam. Both of them were American volunteers at the local orphanage. It was a odd sort of gig, but it was all worth it for the experiences that they got there, especially the kids that they would meet. Noah was 17, quite handsome, with striking brown eyes and light blonde hair. While Liam was 16, with jade green eyes and chocolate like hair. Today was no exception for their visits, and after working for an hour or so on cleanup, they were allowed to visit a girl that they had met last time, Maria, a girl that had only 7 years
She was unusual girl, in personality, she was very friendly and affectionate,
:iconpepemnaay:PepemNaay 115 5


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Favorite female form? 

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14 deviants said Short/busty
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7 deviants said Average/slim
5 deviants said Tall/slim
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United States
I love the Deviant Art community and all of the wonderful things it holds.
Thank you to all of my watchers you guys and gals are the best!

Information on Requests 2018

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 14, 2018, 6:25 PM
Q: Do I take requests?
A: Yes

Q: How should I make a request?
A: NOTE ME! If you comment a request on a post, I will hide the comment and ignore it. NOTES ONLY!

Q: What are the limitations on requests?
  • Please wait until I post your pending request before asking for another.
  • I don't do anything involving under 18 years old. 
  • I don't do super creepy stuff until I feel like it. IE: pee, scat, etc. 

Q: Should I ask you how far along my request is?
A: NO. I will get to it when I have the motivation to. I do requests when I have time and mental energy to write them. If you ask me every day where your request is, I will put it in the back of my folder. Don't spam me. 

Q: Can I request full body nudity in my picture?    
A: Yes. Women only though. DA doesn't like dick.    

Q: How many requests can I make?
A: If I'm posting a lot, please keep it to once a month. Or else I will lose it. 

Q: What Can I request?
  • Tg (including pregnant)
  • bodysuits
  • Jenna's school Tg
  • Sissy tg
  • Transgender Tg
  • Bodyswap
  • Ask me if you have another

Q: What should I provide you with for a request?
A: As much or as little as you like! A name, a picture (HD ONLY), a story plot... All great!

Q: Can I request just a text story?
A: Yes!

Q: What do you like to do the most?
A: Pregnant tg, Milf tg, and transgender tg (Girl with a dick).

Extra things
  • If I like your request, I may move it ahead of others.
  • If I don't like your request, I'll most likely get to it as long as it meets my guidelines, just maybe not as quickly.
  • I am a human, I get tired, I mess up: I may forget names, misspell words, and format a picture wrong. I have a very lovely life outside of DA, I take requests because I have such awesome followers, don't ruin it for me or them.
  • Finally, THANK YOU! You guys are awesome, and I love making captions for you. Just remember that sometimes I want to make them for myself. 

Skin by UszatyArbuz
Alright, so I saw this woman at the store the other day. I was walking in and when I saw her all I could do was look at her beauty. Now, I'm not gay, but I do think women are attractive. This woman though, she was pure perfection in the oddest form. She looked to be about 30 by her face, 20 by her body, and 40 by her hair. She had grayish white hair, but not old lady kind of hair, just a cute gray hair in a pixie cut. Her face was soft and inviting and she gave me a cute smile when she saw me checking her out. And her body, oh her body. She was smoking, I wish I could look half as good as her. She was fit. Very perky breasts and a round ass both hugged by a long skin tight dress. And cute heels to wrap it all up.
This is not one of my captions. This is a true story and I yearn to see her again.
  • Reading: This journal over and over again
  • Watching: Game streams
  • Eating: Nothing smh
  • Drinking: agua


Favorite female form?
24 deviants said Average/busty
14 deviants said Short/busty
12 deviants said Tall/busty
7 deviants said Average/slim
5 deviants said Tall/slim
5 deviants said Short/slim
2 deviants said Other? Comment
1 deviant said Short/flat
No deviants said Tall/flat
No deviants said Average/flat
Which Marvel girl would you want to be?
17 deviants said Mystique
13 deviants said Black Widow
10 deviants said Scarlet Witch
9 deviants said Squirrel Girl
7 deviants said Spider-Woman
5 deviants said Kitty Pride
4 deviants said Pepper Potts
3 deviants said Jean Grey
2 deviants said She-Hulk
No deviants said Jessica Jones



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